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5 Most Important Tips to CLAT Preparation 2018 Section

5 Most Important Tips to CLAT Preparation 2018 Section

Before we list down the points and tell you all as of how you can boost your CLAT preparation, the only thing we would want to say is “Relax, Be positive, Stay focussed, Nothing is impossible”. We all know what a CLAT examination means for the students who aim for legal studies. So, prior to any other thing you just need to believe in yourself that you will definitely crack this examination. Success is 99% motivation and 1% hard work. Undoubtedly, there is no substitute for hard work but to work harder and achieve your goal, you all have to stay motivated.

After you have determined that you will never lose hope, stay motivated, focus on your goal, and never ever give up, here we list down a few steps as of how you can boost your CLAT preparations.

To crack this examination, the only thing that you all need to do is to focus on the subjects which are included in this exam. The subjects that make a CLAT exam is general knowledge, English, reasoning, legal aptitude, and mathematics. Each and every subject are equally important if you wish to score good marks in CLAT. Let’s have a look at each subject independently.

General Knowledge

General Knowledge has always been a king of all the subjects and this is the most important part of any examination. Focus on the general knowledge and current affairs not only to crack the examination but to stay updated. To crack the GK part, read newspapers and magazines daily and make it a habit. This will enhance your ability to understand things and raise opinions on the same. It will also boost your confidence which cannot be achieved otherwise.


The examinations stand nowhere without the English language. It plays an important role in the CLAT examination. A total of 40 question comes in the English section. The questions consist of 400-500 words of the passage, each of 10 marks. Focus on the comprehension passages, grammar, and vocabulary to crack this section. Most recommended grammar book is Wren and Martin.


The reasoning is that part of CLAT that determines how your brain works? Are you able to identify patterns? In short, it determines that do you have a common sense? In this section, the majority of questions are based on logical sequence, deductions or syllogism, analogies, odd man out, statement and assumptions etc. You can only crack this section if you practice reasoning as much as you can.

Legal Aptitude

This examination is incomplete without this section. This is the most important part of this examination. This section comprises of 50 questions. All the questions are based on principles and facts. This section includes the Law of Torts, Law of Contracts and Criminal law and legal GK.


Mathematics consists of 20 questions. This section includes percentage, profit and loss, simple interest compound Interest, average & mixture, time and work, and probability, mensuration, etc. Maths is a game of practice, nothing else. So, practice this subject as much as you can to crack this section.

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