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Best Strategy for CDS Entrance examination

CDS Entrance examination

The Combined Defence Services is the gateway to two examinations, Officer Training Academy (OTA) and Indian Military Academy (IMA). It attracts the youth from across the country. It is not easy to crack CDS but it is not even impossible. The students need to work very hard if they wish to get into one of these training academies and serve the country. To make it up to these academies, students from across the country prefer to take coaching as coaching can help them in learning those aspects which otherwise they would have missed. But, not all the coaching centres give the best coaching. Here are few tips on how you can prepare for the CDS entrance examination.

Plan your study

If you want to make it for the government job in the first attempt then you should plan your study properly. Planning is the best way to optimize your work. Make a timetable for each subject. Also, test yourself time to time by conducting a weekly mock test for yourself. This will evaluate your performance and also enhance your performance graph.

Choose the medium

The foremost task is to choose the medium by which you want to study whether you want to self-study or go to a coaching center for studies. There is a tug of war going on between the aspirants to clear such exams but the one who successes in this war are the person who is knowledgeable and this can only be known by recognizing your convenience as to how you want to study.

Understand exam pattern

It is very important for you to understand the exam pattern if you want to score well in exams. What kind of questions come in the exam and how the exam is written should be the questions you should aim for. Start with the easy questions and then go for hard questions.

Time Management

The most significant part to crack any exam is time management. You need to give enough time to each subject. Some subjects need more time and some need less. Divide your time accordingly. You also need to manage your time so that you can complete your syllabus timely.


Speed plays a relevant role in cracking the exam. Practice your questions as much as you can. This will give you a better understanding of the subjects and you will be able to crack your exam speedily.

Focus on the weak areas of study

You need to focus on the areas in which you need to enhance your level, which according to you, are you weakest. Work on those areas. Study them over and again and eliminate your weaknesses.

Read important books

Read important and good books which gives you enough information to crack the exam. Arihant, Disha and Upkar publications are such books by which you can get a hang of the things.

Be confident

Confidence is very important. Do not lose confidence. Believe in yourself and your ability to work then only you will be able to achieve what you want to achieve in life.

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October 5, 2018 5:07 pm

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