Do You Know the Difference Between NDA and CDS?

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Do You Know the Difference Between NDA and CDS?


As we go up in the education most people find their calling. The right path is that they want to travel on and shape up their life. With engineering and medical being the obvious ones, some people also feel for the country. They don’t feel afraid of endangering their lives for their countrymen and want to feel the pride that the uniform holds.

There are two gateways to enter the Indian armed forces. Examination of National defense academy and the second is examination of Combined Defense Services. Both are conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Both the examinations are very competitive due to which you need to find the best NDA and CDS coaching in Delhi to prepare properly. There are certain differences between the two and this article explains them all.


  • Education- for appearing in NDA you can do it immediately after you are finished with your 10+2 but for appearing in CDS you need to be a graduate. This is the reason why CDS is considered a little tougher than NDA.
  • Age and sex- only boys are eligible to appear in the NDA examination. They can start giving it from the age of 16.5 and give it till 19.5. But in CDS both male and female graduates can appear for the examination from 19 to 25 years of age.
  • Duration of training- for NDA candidates its 3 year training at the national defense academy and then 1-1.5 years of training at the commissioned academy. And for candidates appearing in CDS the training period is of 18 months for IMA Cadets, 37-40 months for Navy Officers, 74 months for Air Force Officers. All in all the air force officers need to evidently spend more time in their training.
  • Salary- although in training a stipend of Rs. 21,000 p.m. but as the posts go up there is a significant difference between the salaries of the two. CDS officers are paid far more than the NDA officers.

CDS is often considered to be the tougher one than the two. But taking NDA and CDS coaching will help you prepare for the examination in a better way than you could do by self study. Self study no doubt is the best way to study but getting proper guidance in studying is also very important and that you will get at best NDA coaching and CDS coaching institute in Delhi.

It is not the case that you will directly be sent to the academy. After you get through the written examination, you will have to pass through SSB and the medical examination taken by a panel of officers. These are the stage where it is really checked whether you have the aptitude of to serve the nation or you are just a person with good grades.

Though all the fields are good but the pride and the discipline that one gets after getting to serve the nation is huge and this is probably one reason to go for it if you are in doubt.

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May 4, 2018 1:26 pm

Published by Team Gravity Institute

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