How Do Sample Papers Help Your Preparation For CDS Exam

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How Do Sample Papers Help Your Preparation For CDS Exam

How Do Sample Papers Help Your Preparation For CDS Exam

CDS, the most prestigious exam more commonly called the Combined Defence Services Examination is just around the corner. Preparations shall start right now if you are heading to sit for the exams. The examination is scheduled to be held on 19th November 2017. Most of the applicants like you are feeling clueless about what to do and where to go. You are the lucky one that you have arrived at this page. In this article, we will let you know the simple trick to perform better in the exam.

The best way to do better in the exams is to practice the sample papers. This will help you understand where exactly you stand and what else you need to prepare with. Some of the advantages of using the sample papers as a method to prepare for the exams are as follows:

Year Wise Papers

Sample papers contain papers of the earlier years. Solving the sample papers will help you know what type of the questions is there. Solving them you will get an idea of the questions that generally come and which topics are covered in most of the question papers. Accordingly, you can shift your attention to the topic.


We all know that practice is the key to be successful. So, if you exercise the sample papers more you will be more near to cracking the exams. The more practiced you are the better you will know a particular topic and thus can excel in a better way. Practicing will also help to point out silly mistakes you make while answering a paper.

Time Management

Sample paper helps you learn time management skills. More and more papers mean swifter you will become to answer the exams. This will help you allot a certain time in each of the sections. The overall result will be that you will not miss out anything in a hurry. You would also get the time to recheck the paper and rectify mistakes where probable.

Self Analysis

Sample papers are the best way to find out how much knowledge you have in the subject matter. You get an idea of your present situation. This will help to make amends as per what you have inferred. This method is the best as to understand where you have to shift your focus to.

Segregate the Topics

While practicing the sample papers you might consider dividing the topics as per your needs. Time can also be managed in this way and focus can be brought in each part of the question paper. So, in the final exam, you can answer in a well-coordinated manner.

Extra Points to Remember

Going through the sample papers you might gain some points that you have not come across earlier. This can also be helpful when you answer in the exam.

The Pattern

The last but not the least point is that you come to know the pattern of the exam. Frequently asked questions come to focus which you can then easily answer if it comes in the exam.

Hence, sample papers are really found to be helpful to make you be exam ready for the CDS exams. If you are still not practicing them, start now!

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July 22, 2017 12:12 pm

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